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Dota2 Compendium For the International 4 Released

Dota2 Compendium For the International 4 Released

More than a week after valve announced the participating team that will compete for the most prestige dota2 tournament for this year. If you haven't read our article yet about the complete list please visit our article about THE INTERNATIONAL 4 PARTICIPANTS REVEALED! 

We also mention about for this years compendium and most of the fans are waiting for valve to release the compendium and valve didn't disappoint us just yesterday when valve release the compendium and for just 24 hours the prize pool is the same as last year already. The Dota2 community is really supporting the international not only for their favorite teams but also for the items that is given to them when they already have a compendium.

Dota2 compendium released for the international 4
Dota2 compendium released for the international 4
The prize pool will increase by $2.50 each time a player will buy a compendium for $9.99 the stretch goal for the international 4 compendium is really exciting given the fact that valve release some new features to persuade more players to buy a compendium. One new feature is you can level up your compendium which will lead you to unlock new animation and increase of boost each time you reach a certain level.

Dota 2 the international 4 compendium Stretch Goal

dota2 the international 4 compendium stretch goals
Dota2 the international 4 compendium stretch goals
As I mentioned in just 24 hours the total prize pool has increase into a very insane amount due to players buying compendium and due to the fact that more than 7,000,000 unique players just played last month as valve stated every time you are on idle mode in your Dota2 client.

So what is NEW FOR 2014

The international 4 largest prize pool in e-sports history
The international 4 largest prize pool in e-sports history
Valve highlighted for important new feature for this years compendium and let me tell it to you to make you more aware what is new for this years the international 4.

New Scoring System

Earn enhancements to your stretch goal rewards.

Every 100 points will level up your Compendium. You’ll receive extra immortal treasures, obtain new custom in-game effects, get bonus Loading Screens and increase your Battle Point Booster percentage as you progress.

Higher level Compendium owners will receive various custom visuals, including modified teleport effects, base healing effects, and even new appearances for Bottle, Blink Dagger, and Dagon. These level up Custom Effects last until July 28th.

As an added bonus, if you reach level 50, you’ll receive a special alternate version of the Mini-Pudge courier when the stretch goal is reached.

The International Courier

Lieutenant Squawkins reporting for duty.

Once your Compendium reaches Level 4, the International Courier will be yours: Kunkka's faithful Lieutenant Squawkins, a parrot unique in all the lands of Dota. Continue to develop your Compendium and you’ll unlock alternate styles for Lieutenant Squawkins at Level 24 and Level 41. The alternate styles will be available at a later date.

Evolving Battle Point Booster

Take your game to the next level.

You’ll see an increase to your battle pointer booster percentage as you level up. This item is unique in that it stacks with any other booster that you have active. The duration of the boost lasts from the time it’s activated until July 28th, with no limits on how many matches it can be used in nor how high the boost can go.

Immortal Treasures

A trove of special items.

Once the Immortal Treasure stretch goal is reached, you’ll receive an extra Immortal Treasure every 10 levels. Each time you open a treasure, you will find a different item, with a chance to get an exceptionally rare item.

Compendium Objectives

New ways to compete.

This year’s Compendium has several new objectives you can work toward to earn points. Take the 10 Hero Challenge, and try to win a game with each of ten randomly assigned heroes.

Offer up your unwanted items for exchange with the Offering of the Aegis. Every week your offering will be collected and Compendium Points and items will be left in its place.

Explore the new fantasy format. Each Compendium owner will be granted a ticket to compete in Dota Fantasy Season 1, starting May 19. Look for more details soon.

Now that you are already aware of the new features rest assured this years international will be a blast not only with the prize pool but with the exciting compendium features. If you haven't bought your compendium yet buy now and support the tournament

The International 4 Participants Revealed!

The International 4 Participants Revealed!

Valve didn't disappoint fans as they already announced early today the full list of participants and the teams that are included in the qualifier. We see some familiar teams and some teams that got a direct invite has already build a good momentum from the past tournaments that were held word wide.

So, I won't give more introduction as we go directly to the list of teams who received a direct invite to the most prestigious yearly tournament of DOTA2.

The International 4 List of teams who receive a direct invite

 Natus Vincere
     Team DK

 Vici Gaming
     invictus Gaming


     Evil Geniuses

The list says it all, the teams listed above deserve the direct invite as they show they deserve to be invited directly to the international 4. Four teams from  China showing how ready the chinese to take the throne as this year's the international champion. As we remember  Alliance really show up a good fight last year's international losing only at the grand finals against  Natus Vincere but still manage to grab the title.

As valve announced the direct invite teams, they also released at the same time the teams included in the qualifiers. The international 4 is really different unlike the previous the international qualifiers since their are 4 division right now. American qualifier, Europe Qualifier, South East Asia Qualifier and China Qualifier. 

Each qualifier division has 10 teams to battle for the invite for this years International. The champion of each region will join the 11 teams listed above and the rest will go on wildcard and the champion of the wildcard will join the rest of the teams.

The regional qualifiers will occur with a span of 4 days. On the first two days each team will face each other in a Best of 1 round robin format. On the third day the top 4 will advance to the second round with double elimination format. The top 2 will be in the winners bracket, while the 3 and 4 position will start at the losers bracket. The final day will feature a Bo3 match for the championship and consolidation match for the 3rd place. 

The International 4 List of teams who will undergo the qualifiers.

May 12 - 15th NA Qualifier
1. Team Liquid 
2. No Earthspirit
3. Osiris Gaming
4. TOP5
5. Union Gaming
6. Sneaky Nyx Assassins
7. Team eHug
8.CNB e-Sports Club
9. North American Rejects
10. Revenge eSports

May 20th - 23th Chinese Qualifier
2. LGD Gaming
3. CIS Game
4. TongFu
6. CNB.cn
7. New Element
8. Orenda
9. Speed Gaming.cn
10. HyperGloryTeam

May 16th - 19th SEA Qualifier
1. MVP Phoenix
2. Execration
3. MiTH.Trust
4. Mineski Infinity
5. First Departure
6. Team Zephyr
7. Arrow Gaming
8. Rex Regum Qeon
9. Scythe Gaming
10.Orange Esports

24th - 27th European Qualifier
1. Relax
2. Virtus.pro
3. Monomaniacs
4. Team Dog
5. NEXT.kz
6. Power Rangers
7. RoX.KIS
8. Aware Gaming
9.Meet Your Makers
10.hehe united

We can expect a very good games coming our way as the international 4 is on the way and really fast approaching.  Dota2 community  is getting ready for this years international 4 not only watching games but for the compendium.

The compendium was first released during the international 3 to help rise the prize pool and it really helps a lot. We can expect something like the compendium in the upcoming patch.