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Starladder IX Lan Finals Kicks off

Starladder IX Lan Finals Kicks off
Starladder IX Lan Finals Kicks off

The most awaited lan tournament that will be held in Kiev. Starladder IX Lan Finals not only consist of European or American teams it also consist a team for the east part of the world. Two teams from China and one team from Korea. Starladder tournament also used compendium the same  as the International 3 last year where in everytime you buy a ticket a total of $2.50 is added to the prize pool.

Starladder IX Finals Prize pool Distribution

1. ~$75,000
2. ~$34,500
3. ~$24,000
4. ~$13,800
5-6. ~$6,900
7-8. ~$3,400

The compendium really help the prize pool of the tournament by doubling the default prize pool of the tournament. Teams area really eager and trying to compete for starladder 9 lan finals after some qualifiers the final teams to participate the said lan finals are already revealed a week ago.

Tournament's bracket was release 2 days a go as the teams getting ready for some team crashing clash when the tournament starts. Lets see who will be playing who by determining the brackets. 

Starladder IX Finals Bracket

Group 1
 MVP Phoenix

Group 2
Evil Geniuses
Natus Vincere
 Invictus Gaming

With the group stage we can see how hot each group is. Group 1 is like a death match since 3 of the hottest teams right now is in the same group and most likely MVP Phoenix  is the underdog.  Some of the experts predicted it would be Alliance and  DK will meet at the finals but we will see an action pack group stage because they are in the same group. We can't deny that  Empire is in a good shape winning different games for a month now. They hold the record of 94-30 winning rate since valve release 6.80 patch.

Lets go over to Group 2 the underdog in this group will probably be   rox.KIS but we can't reassure that since they are training pretty hard and they are improving there game play as they defeated Cloud 9 and get the final spot to attend the  Starladder IX Lan Finals . The rivals since the international 2  Natus Vincere and   Invictus Gaming will dominate the group 2 and rest assured we will see a pretty good game out of the two squad. Evil Geniuses will attend the lan finals with , Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao standing in in replace for  Clinton "Fear" Loomis who is experiencing an injury and will take a rest.

Starladder IX Finals Bracket Winner Predictions

1st -   DK
2nd - Natus Vincere
3rd -  Alliance
4th -   Invictus Gaming
5th -   Team Empire
6th -   Evil Geniuses
7th -   rox.KIS
8th - MVP Phoenix

We came to our prediction for the  Starladder IX Lan Finals simply becuase  DK will not show weakness to there opponent we've seen what is the capability of  DK in the past. Natus Vincere is the 2nd instead of Alliance because Alliance is struggling in there past game they even decided to replace  Henrik "AdmiralBulldog" Ahnberg for some of there games before.   Invictus Gaming has a very wide experience they were once a champion of the most prestigious dota 2 tournament which is the International , experience will help them a lot and they will handle pressure since Lan tournament is really different with online tournaments.  Team Empire will only get the 5th spot, they didn't play lan tournament for a long time now but we can see good game's from them specially the dazzle picks.  Evil Geniuses will be the 6th spot simply because they are playing with stand in and they just practice for a just a week.  rox.KIS will get an edge to  MVP Phoenix because the dota2 in  Korea has a big difference still.

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